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IVS is a global firm, providing specialised Indian visa services for our customers worldwide. Every year India welcomes millions of travelers, entrepreneurs and visitors, which greatly contributes to its cultural, educational, social and economic growth. Being global-minded, open and tolerant, India still prioritizes national security. Thus, in accordance with Indian immigration law, all prospective visitors of Non-Indian origin are required to apply for a visa regardless of their travel purpose and length of stay. Nepalese citizens are exempt from this regulation. There are different types of visas available depending on the purpose of visit.

India Visa Application Centre supports our clients in Iran with a large spectrum of administrative services ranging from short-term tourist visits to business, employment, medical and student visas. Our team of high-caliber visa executives possess solid expertise in providing fast and reliable customer solutions. Moreover, our consultants are equipped with a deep knowledge of consular services that allows them to effectively manage visa applications.

India Visa Application Centre

Hamsafaran Alborz Travel Agency

4th Floor, No.2, 4th Alley,
South Gandhi St., Tehran, Iran
Tel. No:+98 (21) 9200 5012
Email ID:

Ati Travel Agency

No. 58, 8th Aboozar St.,
Ahmadabad Blvd, Mashhad, Iran
Tel. No: 0513-8431919
Fax. No: 0513-8402552
Email ID:

Safar Royaee Sarzamin Pars Travel Agency

2nd Floor, Between Alley 11th and 13th,
30 Metri Cinema Sa'adi, Shiraz, Iran
Tel. No: +98 (71) 32309020
Email ID:

Parandis Tour Operator

No. 242, Chaharbagh-e-Khajo,
St Isfahan, Iran
Tel. No:(+9831) 32733370
Email ID:

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08:30 to - 11:00 hrs
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Passport Collection Timings
Sunday to Thursday
14:00 - 16:00 hrs
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