India Visa Application Centre
Business Visa

3/6 Months Single/Double Entry and 6 Months/One Year Multi-entry based on the business profiling of the company/individuals. Visa would be issued in 4 working days after submission of the application. However in case of applicant having nationality other than Iran, incomplete application or unseen circumstances, issue of Visa will take more that 4 working days. Dependents of Business Visa holder will also apply for Business Visa selecting appropriate option in the online Visa application form.

Sportsmen applying to participate in commercial sports events in India on contract like Indian Premier League, Indian soccer League, Indian Badminton League with remuneration will also apply for Business Visa.

  • Hard copy of application form after uploading on the Indian visa website.
  • Business Visa Form (Extra) as per proforma.
  • Two recent passport size photographs.
  • Passport(New and old) with photocopy including all pages with entries/visa granted with photocopy.
  • Photocopy of Shenasnameh
  • An invitation letter from the company / organization based in India inviting the applicant for this business trip.
  • A letter from sponsored company in Iran certifying that the applicant is employed in their organization and is proceeding to India on a business trip.
  • Proof of financial standing of the company.
  • Passport should have at least six months/one year validity for issue of Business visa.

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